If… Michel Bourez

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Michel Bourez
Age: 28
Years on WCT: 6
Best finish: 6
Career WCT Victories: 2

If you could give yourself a nickname besides "The Spartan"... It'd be Mowgli, from The Jungle Book.
If you hadn't won Margaret River and Rio this year... People wouldn't consider me a title contender.
If you had to name a main foe on tour... [Laughs] Oh, there are a few guys. I enjoy beating Kelly. And Parko, too.
If you had to name a best friend on tour... Alejo Muniz.
If you could re-surf any heat in your career... That one against Jeremy Flores, here in Tahiti, when he got the perfect 20 [at the 2011 Billabong Pro].
If you could live anywhere with your family besides Tahiti... Maybe Australia.
If you could replace any stop on tour... Brazil.
If you could add a new one... Keramas.
If you could pick your favorite surf video section of all time... I don't remember video names that well, but there was one in particular with Andy doing the biggest carves ever.
If you could name the most important surfer to Tahiti... It'd be Raimana because he's the guy that takes care of people coming from overseas. Everyone calls him first.
If you weren't a professional surfer... I'd be a P.E. teacher at school.
If you could be known to the world for one thing... I'd like to be someone like [Dustin] Barca, who fights for the health of his kids and his island.
If you could give any piece of advice to the kids on Tahiti... Stay away from drugs and alcohol so you can think clearly.
If you could drink one alcoholic beverage for the rest of your life... Hinanos, for sure.