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When SURFING profiled him in 2012, Evan Geiselman was openly bicoastal. One home in San Clemente, California. Another in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. But while his driver's license claimed California, his heart longed for the backcountry of Bunnell and the mangrove alleys of the Halifax River. And so, at the end of 2013, he traded his California address for a quiver of fishing poles and compound bows and set them next to his surfboards. Ain't nothing bi about him now -- he's straight-up Floridian, country music and all. -Zander Morton

EVAN: I moved back to Florida at the end of 2013. We [he and his brother, Eric] had rented a house in San Clemente for three and a half years, but we were only there a few months out of the year because we were doing the 'QS full time, so we were wasting a lot of money. After the US Open last summer I came home to New Smyrna and I fell in love with it again. I got super into hunting and fishing and just became a full-on Florida redneck.

Hunting is amazing. To most people, when I say I hunt, they just think it's a game -- like I'm out for a trophy. That's not the case. I only use a compound bow and I eat everything I kill. As far as adrenaline goes, hunting is right up there with anything.

I'm starring in a country music video for Luke Bryan. The song is called "Roller Coaster." We shot the video in Panama City Beach. It was pretty rad; I'm in there making out with a girl, jumping off piers, doing shit like that. The song is about falling in love on spring break. All his videos get more than 10 million views, so that's really cool. And it's funny; the reason I even got picked is because I hunt. I was hunting with [filmmaker] Matt Katsolis and he made a short video about it. I put a teaser on my Instagram and I guess Luke's people found it. They were like, "He surfs and hunts?" Luke was stoked on me being all Florida country. They wanted someone who really lives it.

People trip out when I tell them I surf more in Florida than I did in California. You get to surf a lot here. The waves aren't as good, but I'm doing three sessions today and I'm catching three times as many waves as I'd catch in California. But I love the West Coast. I'll live out there again at some point in my career. Just not anytime soon.

I really want to be on the WCT. This is my third full year trying to qualify. The first year doesn't really count because I started really good and then I broke my ankle. I'm trying to approach this year with a solid plan and strategy -- I think if you get 11,000 points, you're safe. Now that the 'QS is its own separate tour there's a lot better chance of qualifying; 10 new guys can make it. Hopefully I can figure it out this year. I just have to keep it together mentally.

I'm still growing. I'm 20 years old. I'm still light, which I don't think is too bad for the 'QS. But when you get on the 'CT you have to be able to throw down some huge turns; you can't be out there skipping around like a little kid. I know I need to get bigger and stronger and put more power where all the best guys in the world are putting power. I've got to be able to match them.