Girl In A Shirt: Leila Thomas

All Photos: Corey Wilson // Model: Leila Thomas
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"You ever meet a girl in an airport?"
"Kind of."
"What do you mean, 'kind of'?"
"Well, I guess I met one at an airport. I wasn't traveling anywhere though."
"She was flying into HNL and her friends asked me to join them on the drive from the North Shore to pick her up. There weren't enough seats in the car for everyone, so on the way back she had to sit on my lap. A couple of obligatory jokes about getting lei'd later and the war was won before it even started."
"Does that count?"
"I don't know. Who cares? She only stayed for a week. On her last night she asked me to go out one last time and then drive her to the airport in the morning. I never answered."
"Why not?"
"Because driving to the airport from the North Shore is the worst."

Filmed by Nick Pollet. Edited by Sean Benik.