Makers: Chase Wilson

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Chase Wilson
Age: 23
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Gig: Chase is a professional surfer who moonlights as an entrepreneur. Or...maybe it's the other way around? In late 2012, Chase started Byrd Hairdo Products -- a pomade for surfers -- after he grew tired of products that either took weeks to wash out or stung the hell out of his eyes. And his inspiration? "I look up to style icon Steve McQueen, and Robert August and Mike Hynson of the Endless Summer era. There was a greater appreciation for grooming back in their day and it's coming back around full circle."

Career highlight: "The Byrd flock has come a long way in a year and five months, and I'm excited to team up with Urban Outfitters. By May, Byrd will be carried in all of their Los Angeles locations and their online store. It's a huge step for us."

What's Next?: "Between my surfing career and business, I keep busy. It's a rad thing when work doesn't feel like work. We have a tight-knit crew of five guys working at Byrd, and we are launching a few new products this summer. Long term, I see the brand conquering hair care while staying true to our roots. It's a huge learning curve, but in five years, I want to be known as the kid who abolished bad hair days."

Instagrams: @byrdhair, @thebyrdsnest_la
Twitter: @byrd_hair