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All Photos And Captions: Fiona Mullen

Do you remember Makers? It was a column in our magazine from 2010-2012. And it was for you, our ambitious reader. Rather, it was about you. Makers featured surfers who used art or creativity to pay the rent. People who built shit, people who saw something that nobody else could see. But then, mysteriously, Makers disappeared from the magazine.

How dare we. I have taken it upon myself to bring Makers back. There are too many people making really cool stuff with no platform to stand on. From bands to artist to photographers to video makers, if you’re a maker we might just end up featuring you.

But first meet 16-year-old Fiona Mullen from Morristown, New Jersey. We featured Fiona in our America Issue, which is on newsstands this month. Fiona Mullen is what the American is all about. Born and raised in Jersey with a passion for photographing her friends riding waves, Fiona is a high school student who shoots on her free time. Her photography is so simple — simple composition with a feeling of purity that you really don’t see a whole lot of. It’s the transition and growth of an art at its earliest stage. It's refreshing. We love seeing and embracing the photos she makes. —Peter Taras