Makers: Josh Morse

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Josh Morse
Age: 22
Hometown: Ocean Beach, CA

Gig: After evading a deadbeat dad, an addiction-plagued family and a childhood on the streets, Josh found his home in the NSSA. From there he worked hard, at school and surfing, and eventually got accepted into San Diego State University. Now, he's a star on the school's dominant surf team, the president of Associated Students (a multi-million dollar student-governed organization that more or less runs the university), and a spokesperson for the Guardian Scholars program, which raises money for educating homeless youth.

Career highlight: "It has been an amazing opportunity to be President and CEO of the Associated Students, which is one of the largest student governance organizations in the CSU school system. And, as the spokesperson for the Guardian Scholars program and a student development officer for SDSU, I'm honored to say I have helped raise several million dollars for SDSU's former foster and homeless youth in the form of scholarships and other aid."

What's Next?: "I'm looking forward to being the first person in my family to graduate from college. I want to get a job at a company who has similar values to mine and maintains their stoke on life and for what they do. No matter what, I am not stopping. I'm going to continue to advocate for the youth and positively impact as many lives as I can."

Twitter and Instagram: @joshuatmorse
Facebook: Josh Morse

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