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Kyle Thiermann
Age: 24
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Gig: Kyle's the creator and host of Surfing For Change, a YouTube series covering global issues that directly affect surfers, i.e., a proposed nuclear plant in J-Bay, the trash epidemic in Bali and GMO corporations' chemical testing in Hawaii. He wraps issues into bite-sized bits and serves 'em to you — along with some proposed solutions — in short-form videos. The series reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

Career highlight: "I'm proudest of the small changes I've seen in my friends' habits as a result of our series. For example, now when I throw parties at my house, everyone brings a reusable cup so we don't waste the plastic red cups. Obviously this is small, but it's a microcosm for something larger. These are the kids sharing our videos online, and our series is now reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world."

What's Next?: "I love covering controversial issues, and it stokes me out when I see surfers my age get off their asses and take a stance on things that affect all of us. I want Surfing For Change to help change the status quo of the issues we cover, and I'm going to continue to make each video include a toolkit that allows viewers to easily take action as soon as the video is over."

Website: surfingforchange.com
Twitter and Instagram: @surfing4change
Facebook: Surfing For Change