Seven Days with new WCT member Timmy Reyes

Timmy Reyes is at the wheel. We're stopped on the corner of the PCH and Main in Huntington Beach in his new {{{Cadillac CTS}}}-V -- wide, futuristic and low-slung. It looks like the Batmobile."Wanna see what it can do?" he asks.

Timmy looks around for cops. Doesn't see any. The light turns green and his foot hits the floor. The V8 roars and Timmy smoothly runs through all six gears. Within seconds we hit {{{100}}}... 110... 120...The 22-year-old, newly minted WCT rookie pulls into the left lane and hits the brakes. As far as speed runs go, this one was minor. He used to race his old, tricked-out {{{BMW M}}}-3 at 160 mph around here. Of course, he also racked up an $1,100 ticket with that car and it ended up getting smashed to bits. So this time around Timmy went for something slightly more sensible."I want to show you where I grew up," he says, easing the G-ride into a mobile home development next to a power plant. Timmy's sister still lives in the house, so he calls her to find out how we can break in. He jimmies the lock and opens the door, revealing a spacious set-up -- three bedrooms, hardwood floors and a nicely appointed kitchen. Of course, there were a couple of issues when Timmy lived here, such as the Neo Nazi skinhead and the drug dealer living next door, but there were decent, hardworking families in the community as well. It's clear this place made Timmy. He could walk across the street and surf the pier every day. He likes being in his old house and still feels comfortable here. It reminds him of who he is and where he came from. He isn't some spoiled trustafarian from Newport or Laguna -- he's from Huntington, and that means he had to work. If he wanted a new board, he didn't ask Mom and Dad to break out the checkbook. He'd pull his neighbor's weeds to pay for it.