Money Makers: Globe’s Bantam Cruiser

Photo: Globe

Globe is the world's largest premium skateboarding hardgoods manufacturer and how do you like that? It seems maybe not true. It seems maybe World Industries or Vision or something else might be instead, but no, it is Globe and their premium skateboarding empire rolls along on the back of a plastic cruiser skateboard called the Bantam.

The Bantam came to life about a year ago. It was to be a brightly colored toy for the children to buy and kick around their suburban neighborhoods. The prototypes came into Globe's Manhattan Beach headquarters but the real skaters who work there said no. This board needs real trucks. This board needs real wheels. And the Bantam was born. A toyish, cruisey, skatey, delicious hybrid. Its popularity soared beyond mere neighborhood children. Teenagers bought, college students bought, adult men and women bought. Everyone wanted a Bantam. Everyone wanted a toyish, cruisey, skatey, delicious summertime adventure. They bought Bantams and kicked to their local ice cream parlors and reveled in everything California represents. The Bantam is Globe's biggest-ever hardgood seller.

But what does this mean for the surf? I call Globe's Seth Pulford, a handsome tall man with brunette curls and deep-set blue eyes. He tells me, "The Bantam has been amazing for us and we feel the trend has only just begun. It has been beyond popular and the great thing is, when we have success with something like the Bantam we can turn around and re-invest that money into areas of our business that we love but may not be as profitable." Globe uses Bantam dollars to make the best films in the business. Globe uses Bantam dollars to fly Joe G and Dion Agius to the United Arab Emirates in order to discover the best wave pool on earth [see pg. 82]. And most importantly, Globe uses Bantam dollars to include gorgeous, leggy, sexy models in everything they do. I defy you to find a Globe film, clip or photo shoot from the last year that does not include beyond beautiful women lolling around, drinking cocktails and looking lusty. You can't. Thank you, Bantam. --Chas Smith