November ’05: Camp Hobgood – Making The Grade

As a special supplement to Surfing Magazine’s 2005 Camp Hobgood article, we offer up the 8 report cards that {{{CJ}}} and Damien Hobgood completed for the surfers that attended this year’s camp on the East Coast of Australia.

Damien set a good example for the surfers at Camp Hobgood
REPORT CARD #1:Eric Geiselman
Ocean Instinct (How well they read the lineup; wave-catching ability): B+
Attitude (Personality and competitive drive): A+
Versatility (Barrels, airs, turns; big vs. small waves; lefts vs. rights; basically, how well they surf): A-
Competition: (Strategy, patience; how well they surf a heat): A+. Damien's Comments: Eric was one of the standouts, for sure. He and Rosza had the best comp knowledge. When the pressure was on, he lifted his game and surfed better. I'd just encourage him to keep charging and putting time in at Tahiti and Hawaii. Still, he's got Huge potential. If the whole group to hit the WQS right now, he'd be the most ready.REPORT CARD #2:Chris Waring
Ocean Instinct: B
Attitude: A
Versatility: B-
Competition: B-Damien's Comments: Another kid with a great attitude, Chris has a really good drawn-out carve – one of the best rail guys by far – but he could take to the air more often. He was a yo-yo in heats – either gets a 10 or a 2 – so he may have a hard time on the 'QS, especially with all the small waves. If so, he'd be great photo guy.

NSSA champ Clay Marzo made a good impression
REPORT CARD #3:Clay Marzo
Ocean Instinct: A
Attitude: B+
Versatility: A+
Competition: A-Damien's Comments: Definitely the most versatile kid on the trip. Pretty low key, but super competitive – almost to a fault...Clay's whole world is open right now. With back-to-back Nationals titles, two 10s in a heat – he's like a Kalani Robb, a young kid shattering records. I see Clay getting it all real soon, he's just got to keep that hunger.REPORT CARD #4:Dane Gudauskas
Ocean Instinct: B-
Attitude: A+
Versatility: C+
Competition: B+Damien's Comments: Probably one of the coolest kids on the trip. An amazing rail game, but he's a bigger guy so he needs to work on his airs and his quickness. I think Dane's going to school a lot – he's a very, very smart kid – so it may be tough to throw all his efforts into the tour. But he's gonna be fine which ever path he chooses.CONTINUED…