THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE: What is the most expensive board in the world?
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Methinks this question be more loaded than me starboard cannons! The same cutting-edge shape a Yank buys for four hundred quid will cost twice that in ports like Japan. And those {{{Park Avenue}}} pirates at Gucci once asked $2000 for a vessel more fashion than foam. But, if ye’s want to know the most money ever paid for any stick anywhere, steer clear of new trends and look to the past. Old garages are often graveyards filled with precious treasure, and board hoarders will pay thousands for a piece of history. {{{Legend}}} has it one 1959 Pat Curren balsa big-wave gun sold for $25,000 between private collectors! But that still be rumor. The grandest sum ever payed I’s can swear to was a 1954 Simmons {{{Malibu}}} spoon of balsa/foam sandwich construction bought at the Pacific Coast Vintage Surf Auction in 2001. According to auction founder, Allan Seymour, “This guy bought it used in the fifties for $25 — and sold it for $18,500.” Scurvy dogs! That price be marked up like Armless Bill after a swordfight! And she ain’t the last. Seymour is currently seeking $25,000 for a Joe Quigg, 11’1″ chambered, balsa Makaha gun that was custom made for Buzzy Trent in 1956. “As far as I know,” says Seymour, “That’s the most expensive board going right now.”

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