As seen in our October issue, the Hobgood twins — along with guest counselors Shea Lopez and Phillip Watters, not to mention cameo campers — more than ripped Costa Rica during the five-day adventure. But what about the eight lucky kids who got to spend five days training at Hotel {{{Terraza}}}, charging big Hermosa and sampling a certain perfect reefbreak? We’ll let the following photos tell that story.

Besides being one of the tallest envoys, Honolulu native Amy Lawson made a huge impression for her courage in Hermosa’s waves of consequence. She routinely went on waves that had the twins shaking their heads, earning the title of Queen of the Camp. In fact, {{{CJ}}} was so moved he convinced sponsors Rusty and Globe to give her a shot.

Stirling “10” Mile McAulliffe was a Jersey kid with Jersey attitude, earning his nickname for biking 10 miles to the beach every day. Knowing that summer flat spells were the only thing waiting in the Garden State, 10-Mile spent a lot of time surfing, no matter the conditions. And when it was good, he made the most of it, taking special pride when he bounced off the reef for the first time.

Anthony Pallazollo was also very happy to get to chance to sample the more premiere waves, taking over the left on our secret mission. And he put the practice to good use at the hotel’s weekly night contest, picking off a bomb set wave and setting it afire. Look for this toe-head to terrorize the various breaks near Manhattan Beach, CA.

As the smallest and youngest of the bunch, San Diego, CA’s Chris Robbins got in over his head almost every day of the trip, as Costa pumped from beginning to end. But he never refused to paddle out. In fact, on the big night of the contest, he braved the darkness and took-on his biggest drop of the trip.

Nobody had to tell Melbourne Beach’s Ashley Bobb to go. This petite wahine was paddling for peaks that some of the pros didn’t even want a piece of. And no matter how hard she got tossed, she’d paddle right back out and go again.

All hail King Stu. Not only did Mr. Cornelle win the camp’s contest to earn his crown as King of the Camp, the Hawaiiian put on one of the more impressive shows on an offshore surgical strike. Plus, he bought the correspondent food one day, and we writers are always suckers for a free lunch.

South Carolina’s Drew Pringle popped the top on more Terrazza pits than any other camper. He also made it further than anyone in the night contest. And while the girls got upset with his and Wickwire’s water balloon antics, they found Pringle’s wit a welcome flavor.

Esther Hahn earned the name “Estherillos” for her surfing near Costa’s sweeping rivermouth. Always a lady, she managed to keep things polite when kids got rowdy. And she was always willing to put photog Russ Hennings in his place with friendly jab.

And last — but certainly not least — there’s Buddy Favor. A childhood pal of the Hobgoods and Satellite Beach youth pastor, Buddy kept an eye on the kids in and out of the water. He also was kind enough to give them some of the same surfing tips he gave the twins growing up.To see how the twins took-on Costa and a full report from Camp Hobgood, check out the October issue of SURFING magazine, currently on newsstands.