October ’06: The Green Issue

Check out SURFING’s new October 2006 issue. The newest issue includes:

The Change
The biggest set wave ever is about to break.
By Nick Carroll

International Surfing Day
Where were you?

Being Green
Five surfers making a difference.

Saving Chile
Exposing the threat to some of the world’s best points.
By Geoffrey Ragatz

Seven Days with Rob Machado Economy of movement = perfect style
By Ross Garrett


Bob Marley is alive and well, and living in fairfax, Ca. Or at least that’s what you’ll think when you first hear former Wailers frontman Elan singing.

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Some resources recomended by our "Green Issue" to help you on your way to "being green"

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With every issue, a few photos make it onto the web for you to download. Check out our wallpaper section to get the latest.

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One of the world’s best stretches of pointbreaks is under siege. Jesse Faen gives us a glimpse at what we could be loosing.

Go to www.savethewaves.orgto see how you can help

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Where did pipe go?

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"I don’t think we’ll know how good he really is for another 10 years"
-Bob Hurley

<–Seven Days with Rob Machado video coming soon