Oxnard And Roenn

Nick Rozsa. Photo: Seth De Roulet

Life is better with purpose. Surfing is, too. It makes our board go quicker, makes our turns more ferocious. Purpose makes us fly. Nick Rozsa's been around home lately surfing like a man possessed thanks to a special little someone giving him a reason to be his best. A little someone named Roenn.

Nick Rozsa with his son, Roenn. Photo: Corey Wilson

NICK: To be honest, I don't really know where other surf spots are in California besides where I live. [laughs] It's funny to say that, but I don't. I mostly just stay around home when I'm here just because our little area has every wave that you really need, as far as performance goes. It's hard to leave fun waves.

It's really kind of quiet here, not a lot of distractions or parties like in the south. Up here I can stay straight and focus on my surfing and my family and not really get distracted by too many other things.

I've been a father for a year and a half now. I would probably say the day Roenn was born was the biggest wake-up call I have ever had in my entire life. Since there's a new responsibility in your life, you're held accountable for your actions. Now it's like everything I do reflects back on him. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's great watching him grow and learn, and how every day is new for him, seeing how happy he is just waking up. It keeps you motivated and moving forward and staying positive. He is a really big inspiration for me in anything I do, whether I'm in the water or on land. Thinking about him when I'm doing things -- it makes me a better person.