September 06: The Next Big Thing

Check out SURFING’s new September 2006 issue. The newest issue includes:

The Next Big Thing
Surfing’s top fortune-tellers make their predictions.

The Dane Commandments
Reynolds wraps up his First Chapters.
By Travis Ferre’

The men and machines of tow surfing.
By Matt Walker

Latin Summit
Old coastlines guard new secrets.
By Rob Gilley

+ And a whole lot more

How one of the world’s best freesurfers, Dane Reynolds, directed his new signature film: First Chapter. Check the newest issue for "The Dane Commandments" feature.

<—Watch the trailer here.

20 surfing free thinkers map our sport’s furture. Check this issue for predictions from World Junior Champs, Teen Queens, rockers and more.

<—Watch as Ozzie Wright, along with Rob Machado and Timmy Curran, says f@#K it! and goes "anti-professional" in Mexico.

New wave discovery unveiled in Costa Rica? Four top Latin American surfers take you there. Check this issue for the full "Latin Summit" feature.

<–Kalle Carranza talks us through the Costa Rican treasure hunt. Maybe he’ll even tell you how to get there…or maybe not.

Bluesy rock dips away into skull melting lullabies that pitter-patter like rain into jazz-fusion hippy grooves..Check the interview in the new issue.

<–listen to it here.

SURFING Magazine’s newest reality TV show, ElimiDUDE, hits San Diego. Mike Klein, Che Stang and Chris Abad battle for SURFING’s lovely intern Lauren Orshansky.

<–Watch it all play out on video.