Steph Gilmore and Carissa Moore
ASP Banquet

Steph Gilmore

SHERM's TAKE: This was shot at the ASP banquet from behind the stage. It's kind of a neat perspective and it gives the viewer a little more intimacy than if it were shot from below. So, in this moment, Steph had just got done presenting Carissa with the world title trophy, but at the same time had said that she was just lending it to Carissa. So classic. Look, you can even see a little smirk on Steph's face. So, Steph handed her the trophy and was walking offstage, and it was kind of a symbolic moment that will probably set the stage for the world title race this year. You can just tell that Steph is going to give Carissa a run for her money. Those two are on a whole other level in women's surfing; they are surfing close to the men. They can throw solid turns. It's going to be exciting for women's pro surfing with these two going at it.