Matt Wilkinson and Nick Pollet
ASP Banquet


SHERM's Take: Wilko arrived at the Ball with his date, filmer Nick Pollet, who was in drag. It was classic because Wilko was playing the straight guy and he literally was straight, he hadn't had a drink since January 2. He had a bet going with Julian Wilson that they wouldn't drink until after the contest. But you can say that his date wasn't following that plan. Anyway, they show up and it was full paparazzi going, "Oh my God! Wilko is doing something funny." That was the big deal of the moment, you know? They played it up perfectly; it was classic Wilko. I was just impressed that he didn't have to get drunk to do it. He didn't have a beer until after he got knocked out of the event at Snapper six days later. I love what he is doing with pro surfing at the moment. He's adding some flavor and on top of that he's surfing really well. I wanted to make this photo look a little more glamorous so I envisioned it black and white and I slowed the shutter speed down a bit to get some movement. I went for the edgier look of getting closer up and taking some chances. I guarantee I was the only guy shooting with no flash and a slow shutter speed that night.