Sounds: Beaters

San Diego's erratic and electrically charged mutant punk band, Beaters, have been shredding select venues since 2009. They are fast and raw and their grinding riffs leave a strange rumble in your core long after they've left the stage. They are sometimes hard to find, their songs requiring a little scouring -- but Lord is it worth the search. This elusiveness makes them interesting and, as we've discovered, hilarious. Jeremy Rojas, guitarist and vocals of Beaters tells us a couple of tales that we just couldn't make up.
--Beau Flemister

Photo: Sherman

SURFING: Are you guys touring right now?

Jeremy Rojas: We're not currently on tour, but Mexico has been on our destination agenda. We are gearing up for the All My Friends Fest happening in Tijuana come November. We have also been dedicating a lot of energy to making our new album, some of which may be heard on an upcoming release from Volar Records, due out at the end of this year.

Where's the craziest place you guys have played?

Jeremy: Our craziest shows have always been in Oakland. We once played at this squatter-punk-style party house that had a 2-inch layer of sludge covering all walls, floors and toilet seats. The house was packed and we played in a tight 12-by-12 kitchen to a horde of thrashing punks, slipping and sliding all over the thick layer of lube that coated everything. After the slip-and-slide sesh, I found myself wandering the streets, as is my occasional tendency. Suddenly I was accosted by two men who I soon found out were thugs. They offered me cigarettes, but then demanded payment for this kind gesture. As a sort of bonus, they offered to kick my ass if I did not give them said payment. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a fair price that we could all feel comfortable with and, most importantly, escape the bonus round.

Tell us about your groupies.

Jeremy: These days many of us have outlived our groupies. They held to a "live fast, die young" kind of lifestyle, bless their souls. But now we are too aged and frightening-looking for any of them to even give us a wink.

Any of you guys surf?

Jeremy: None of us can really call ourselves surfers. Sure, we've paid our dabbling dues -- which are very affordable -- but our roots to concrete and skating run deep. Also, because most of us have never lived by the sea, we're a little afraid of the water. [laughs] Kind of that "fear that which you do not know" mentality. But we are open-minded gents.