Switchfoot, Curren And Machado Jam In Mainland Mex


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SURFING photo editor Steve Sherman sat down with Surfingthemag.com to break down the four tracks that Switchfoot, Rob Machado, Tom Curren and friends laid down while on a trip to mainland Mexico.

Track #1 – The Cowboy Song“John Foreman (frontman of Switchfoot) wrote the melody for this one. It was just a guitar riff. And then Tom Curren picked up the harmonica and started playing his little riff. And then I brought the gonsign, which is this kind of this shaker-brazillian deal. John had me walk out of the room and back in with it so it faded in. Kind of a primitive recording technique. The room we recorded it in was all tile so everything kind of echoed in there. Rob Machado plays rythmn guitar on it and Hagan Kelley plays triangle. This is Jon’s song.”

Track #2 – The Latin Song:“This is a song that Tom Curren wrote completely. He played keyboards and Rob and Jon played guitars. Both of the other guys from Switchfoot played on it as well. I played widow – which is a latin kind of scratch sounding thing. It’s a beautiful song. Probobly the best song that came out of the whole session. It started off as a jam when Tom came up with a little melody and we just went with it.”

Track #3 – Platanitos“This song is named after the beach we were staying at. It’s just a rythmn track. It’s kind of a Brazillian meets Grateful Dead jam. It was really energetic. We got the idea from when a few guys got in the water for a surf and we started playing percussion jams on the clifftop. And when a guy got a good wave, we’d highlight it with a little ‘ding, ding, ding!’ So we started playing these jams for everyone, and they could hear it all the way in the water. So we came in and laid it down and the drummer from Switchfoot came in and laid the drums down. So we did the percussion instruments late one night and then the drums afterwards.”

Track #4 – Rob’s Song“Rob’s song is just a little groove that Rob wrote while he was down there. He recorded it late, late on a saturday night. Something like 1 in the morning. Rob just started playing on the guitar and it was super-beautiful. Really minimalist.It worked. He used nothing more than his guitar. It sounds like a movie soundtrack or something. It’s a really haunting song.”