The First Time: Hawaii

Photo: Andrew Shield

Pure magic only exists within the realm of a first-time experience.

It is for this reason that first kisses are so divine while marriages often strain. And although our union with an annual Hawaii issue is intact, loving and eternal, the once passionate fire had faded to embers. We needed to stoke it, to revisit that very first kiss.

So this year, that's exactly what we did. We compiled a reference of first-time lessons learned. Asked pros to reminisce about their first time (even Kelly had one). And to top it off, we enlisted the help of some authentic rookies -- the winners of our online writing, photo and video contest, Baby Cobras. Put them on planes and plopped them into the thick of it. Oh, how their eyes opened. And call it fun by association, osmosis or a contact high, but our eyes opened, too. We saw the North Shore once again with burning, virginal eyes. And damned if we didn't fall in love all over again.