Dillon Perillo, 22
Range: 50 Miles

A smart bird knows it's best to leave the nest. An even smarter bird knows, when they see a strong swell hurling itself around Point Conception and completely missing Malibu, that it is definitely time to leave the nest. Dillon Perillo has wings, but they'll only take him so far.

Dillon Perillo. Photo: Tom Carey

DILLON: I do a good bit of driving to get waves. In the winter, I head up to Oxnard nearly every day, sometimes Ventura too. The waves in Malibu are no good on Northwest swells. Honestly, there's no need to even look at it, just run red lights to get out of there. There's a couple of waves I check on the way up, but they rarely ever break. I'm content surfing Oxnard, though; it gets pretty good there. There are only about three or four waves that I like to surf. The furthest I ever really go is Rincon.