Threat: Jesse Mendes

Age: 19
Hometown: Guaruja, SÃo Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: Quiksilver and DC shoes
Homebreak: Tombo
Favorite Surfer: Dane Reynolds
Motto: Nothing good comes without pain

Photo: Corey Wilson

Who inspires you the most? Andy Irons

Best surf video segment of all time? Taj Burrow in Momentum: Under the Influence

Skate or snow? Snow

Last time you wore a tie? ASP awards banquet in February

Describe the best barrel of your life in less than 10 words? Big backside double up, spit out

Who is your hero? My dad

Favorite board? 5'11" – 18 ¾" – 2 1/4"

Best wave in the world? Chopes

Last time you cried? Last year in Ballito after losing with a 10 in the quarterfinals

Favorite activity outside of surfing? Playing soccer

What's your Instagram name? jesse_mendes

Six-foot Trestles with only your friends or 6-foot Pipeline with only your friends? Pipeline, no doubt

Favorite world champion? Occy

Best WT event ever? Tavarua, Fiji this year

Most underrated surfer? Ace Buchan

Best breakfast cereal? Reese's Puffs

If you were to start a business, what would you sell? Fu wax in America -- I would become a millionaire

Favorite non-surf film? The Hangover

Worst tattoo you've ever seen? Girlfriend's name written anywhere

Favorite American slang? Dude

What's the worst wave you've ever surfed? Xangrila, very south Brazil

Best text message ever received? "Do we have time for sex before you leave?"

Dream sponsor? Porsche

Most scared you've been in the ocean? Puerto Escondido at 20 feet when I was 16

Why do you hate the Yankees? I have no idea who they are

Does home schooling work? Not if you want to be an intelligent person

Blondes or brunettes? Blondes

If you were to learn another language, what would it be? French

Best book you've ever read? Lance Armstrong's biography: It's Not About the Bike

Tupac or Biggie? B.I.G.

Describe Bobby Martinez in six words or less? Most powerful backhand on earth

Should Kelly retire? No, he's still the most exciting surfer to watch in competition