Threat: Kei Kobayashi

Kei KobayashiPhoto: Selfie?

Full Name: Kei Kobayashi
Age: 16
Hometown: San Clemente, California
Sponsors: O'Neill, …Lost Surfboards, Etnies, Banzai Bowls, OAM, Luv Surf, FU Wax, DSC Performance
Homebreak: Lowers
Favorite Surfer: John John Florence
Motto: "Never give up"

Photo: Steve ThraikilliPhoto: Steve Thrailkill

What inspires you the most? My dad
What is your greatest fear? Getting smoked by little kids in heats
What song do you want to hear before you paddle out? Anything by Taylor Swift
What is your Internet homepage? Facebook
What’s something you do every single day, without exception? Post an Instagram
Your proudest moment in life? When I won the Mini Groms at NSSA Nationals in 2009
Favorite world champion? Kelly Slater
Best WCT event ever? Lowers
Outside of surfing, what do you love? Girls
Most underrated surfer? Shaw Kobayashi
Buddha or Jesus? Jesus
Hidden talent? I'm a great dancer
What's the worst wave you’ve ever surfed? Cocoa Beach, Florida
Most scared you've ever been in the ocean? When I saw two tiger sharks in the lineup at V-Land in Hawaii
Favorite Actor? Adam Sandler
Who is the best US president of all time and why? George Washington, because he's a boss!
Best book you've ever read? I don't read books
Describe yourself in five words: small, crazy, grinder…loves girls!
What is the meaning of life? Thinking positive and enjoying everyday to the fullest with friends and family
Best gift you've ever given someone? My heart, to a girl
Do you do your hair? BYRD hair product always has me looking slick
Dumbest purchase? $400 Beats headphones
What’s the last song you listened to? (Be honest.) The Eagles, Hotel California
What’s your favorite emoticon? I dig the winky face, and so do girls
Secret to catching a lot of waves? Never look back
Who’s the most beautiful female surfer? Stephanie Gilmore
Favorite Taylor Swift song? "We are never ever getting back together"
Best city in the world? San Clemente, California
Best airport in the world? These isn't one
Kanye West — yes or no? Yes, I dig his music