Threat: Kevin Bourez

Full Name: Kevin Bourez

Age: 19

Hometown: Toahotu, Tahiti

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Kelly Surfboards

Homebreak: Mitirapa

Favorite Surfer: Bruce Irons

Motto: "Stop talking, start acting"

kevin bourez
Kevin Bourez, Teahupo’o. Photo: Tom Carey

What inspires you the most? People who push their limits

What is your greatest fear? To wake up and realize my entire surfing life was fake and that I'm just a ballet dancer

What song do you want to hear before you paddle out? "Time for a Change" by Drum Major Instinct

Where was the last place you wore a tie? I never have

Who is your hero? Jeff Clark because he surfed Maverick's alone for 10 years

Your proudest moment in life? Last year when I got my two biggest paddle waves in a row at Teahupo'o

Where will surfing be in five years? Just follow John John; he'll pave the way

Most underrated surfer? Adam Melling. He is so stylish

If you were to start a business, what would you sell? Flowers

Favorite non-surf film? Snatch

Worst grom beating you've received? A friend attacked me and pinched my nipples

Favorite American slang? That's pretty crip

Worst song on your iPod? "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Not sure how it got on my iPod

Why are drugs bad? They make ugly girls look beautiful

Dream sponsor? Apple

Biggest mistake you've ever made? I told my brother [Michel] that I'd take off on a bigger wave than him. I'm still trying

How many world titles will Kelly win? 12

Best book you've ever read? Tavae. It's about a guy who gets lost in the ocean and survives

Describe yourself in no more than five words: Living in the moment

Surfing is: My way to heaven

What is your finest quality? Really saying something when I talk

What annoys you about surfing? Surfing a crowded spot with no friends

How many boards do you order a year? Five or so

Does surfing belong in the mainstream? For sure. I would rather see surfing in the Olympics than curling