Threat: Koa Rothman

Age: 18 Hometown: North Shore, Oahu Sponsors: Quiksilver, Oakley, Da Hui, Moskova Homebreak: Sunset Point Favorite surfer: Usman from Desert Point

Koa Threat
Photo: Ryan Foley

Who inspires you the most? My mom

What is your greatest fear? Mosquitos

Best surf video segment of all time? Andy Irons' High Five

IPhone or BlackBerry? iPhone so you can talk shit to Siri

Skate or snow? Snow

Favorite non-surf film? Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Favorite move to pull? Lay-back

Favorite artist? Calvin Harris

Worst enemy? Nathan Florence

What do you order at In-N-Out? Don't got one in Hawaii

Golf or tennis? They're both lame

Koa Rothman Threat
Koa Rothman, Pipeline. Photo: Russo

Worst tattoo you've ever seen? A unicorn on my friend Kiron's arm

Worst grom beating you've received? Two-wave hold-down at Sunset

Late nights with friends or dawn patrol by yourself? Late night with friends

Any apologies? To the next three people I drop in on

Best thing a girl has ever said to you? Let's take a walk on the beach

Most scared you've been in the ocean? Watching a shark swim right at me and then decide not to eat me

Maverick's or Waimea? Waimea

Favorite Lady Gaga song? I don't like anything from that creepy thing

Does home schooling work? Seems like a few kids turn out weird when they home-school

Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes

When is it OK to SUP? Never

Surf forever, surf once, never surf -- apply to the following waves: J-Bay, G-Land, Trestles. Surf J-Bay forever, surf G-Land once, never surf Trestles

Dane or Kelly? Dane

How many world titles will Kelly win? All of them until he decides to retire

How big is your step-up board? 10'6"