Threat: Noa Deane

Full Name: Noa (Wayne Paoa) Deane

Age: 18

Hometown: Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

Sponsors: Rusty, Dragon, Xcel, SDS, Captain Fin Co

Homebreak: Duranbah

Favorite Surfers: Dane, Ozzie, Droid, John John, too many more to name them all

Motto: Y.O.L.O.

Photo: Andrew Shield

What inspires you the most? Anything and everything

Who is your hero? Kurt Cobain

Favorite board dimensions? I don't have one; I'll ride anything

Last time you cried? I wept while watching the movie Up

What's your Instagram name? @ilovetables

Outside of surfing, what do you love? Music, art and skateboarding

Where will surfing be in five years? Everyone will wear shark tooth necklaces and ride narrow boards again

Buddha or Jesus? Buddha

Favorite artist? Either Warhol or Basquiat

Favorite Aussie slang? Heccas

Any apologies? Sorry for being lazy

What's the worst wave you've ever surfed? D-bah

Best thing a girl has ever said to you? "I'm going to make nachos, would you like some?"

Dream sponsor? Fender

Does home schooling work? Yes, if you would like your children to be simple

What is your lifetime goal? To go with the flow

Does surfing belong in the mainstream? I don't think so

Should Dane get back on tour? Nope

What do you think Robert Kelly Slater is doing right now? Reading a book

What annoys you about surfing? Crowds, sunburns and D-bah

Best non-surfing experience? Life

Was surfing cooler in the '70s? Yes, because there were no Internet haters

Do you do your hair? I have before, but probably won't ever do it again