Threat: Soli Bailey

Soli Bailey Threat
Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Age: 16 Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia Sponsors: Billabong, Dakine, Arnette, Globe, Skullcandy Homebreak: Tallows Favorite surfer: Taj Burrow

Who inspires you the most? Dad

What is your greatest fear? Brown snakes. There are heaps where I am from

How often do you floss? Every day

Best surf video segment of all time? Trilogy, Andy's Sections

Best Will Ferrell movie? Step Brothers

Best breakfast cereal? Porridge, brown sugar and banana with soy milk

Buddha or Jesus? I'm not religious, but I'd probably relate more to Buddhist teachings

Favorite road trip car game? Angry Birds

If you were to start a business, what would you sell? All sorts of toys

Favorite move to pull? In the surf, a rodeo

Worst enemy? Head lice. I got them in the Philippines this year, killer itchy head

Worst grom beating you've received? Got chili put in my boardies, on my balls!

Soli Bailey Threat
Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Favorite American slang? 'Sup dawg

Best thing a girl has ever said to you? Let's have a three-way

Most scared you've been in the ocean? At Teahupo'o this year

Does home schooling work? Not for me. I like the social interaction I get from school

Blondes or Brunettes? I'm easy, all girls are beautiful

Dane or Kelly? Dane

Favorite Actor? Adam Sandler

If you were to learn another language, what would it be? French

How big is your step-up board? 6'0"

Are you more scared of a long hold-down or hitting the reef? Hitting the reef

Should Kelly retire? No way. Kelly is a good challenge for the up 'n comers on tour