Under The Influence: Dane Reynolds

US Open, Huntington Beach. There's a 14-year-old girl outside the entrance of the Shorebreak Hotel with runny mascara, braces and a message on her belly in fading Sharpie reading Let's get f–ked up. In the lobby Dane and I decide where to go to escape the madness. "There's a place a block away that's supposed to be the best Mexican food in town," says Dane. And we're out the door. "So, the best in town?" I ask. Dane shrugs, "Yeah, that's what the sign says."

Over piping-hot enchiladas, Dane talks about producing his first full-length film under Marine Layer Productions. It features Craig Anderson, not himself. He talks about shooting tight and directing. About a possible name and music. The air is abuzz with creativity. The enchiladas were OK. --Beau Flemister

Photo: Steve Sherman

DANE: I've always wanted to do stuff with other surfers but everyone's got their own shit going on. Quiksilver got Craig and I together and Craig's a really sick dude, so I'm honored that he's trusting us with something like this. The lines can get blurry between Web clip and film, especially since everything's available online. I feel like Web clips are a dime a dozen, and lack the impact or lasting power. But some shit is just more developed and that's what this will be. And also a DVD.

It's been me, Craig, Dustin Miller and Beren Hall doing this project and I feel like it's a good team. Dustin Miller is a rad filmer, and also one of the best dudes I can think of. He films really tight, which is hard to do because it requires a lot more focus. And in turn, it's a lot easier to f–k up, especially doing airs. I like tight footage because you can really see the details -- it's much more engaging.

Marine Layer's first film, Thrills, Spills and What Not was interesting because it was rebellious in its spirit and where it came from. At the time, I felt confined by tour life and the pressure I was putting on myself filming for other movies. Whether Thrills was successful or not, it was still a great learning experience.

A lot of detail suffers when you're trying too hard to follow a concept. I've been trying to explore Craig's personality. He feels funny about the film being presented as a profile movie, but currently, the most important thing is getting rad footage. Once we have that, then we'll be more into giving it a purpose.

We're still not sure about a name. I really like Don't Be Shy but I don't know if Craig completely likes it. He said he's 85% sure. [laughs]
Thomas Campbell gave me a book called Herzog on Herzog, which I read, and now I'm watching a bunch of Werner Herzog movies. The book is really interesting and gives you a lot of background about all the stuff that happened on set, including some of the psycho actors he worked with. It's pretty cool to go backward -- to read about the films first and then watch them.

Craig definitely has a different taste in music than I do, and we want the music to represent him in this project. I kinda geek out on music and I don't really have friends with similar music taste besides, maybe, Mini [Blanchard]. It'll be fun to get into some different genres for this film.

Besides Craig's movie I've been pretty busy with Summer Teeth. We're developing seasonal lines now, marketing, and it's been a big learning experience. Courtney's also been working on some new designs that are pretty rad. Some dark pop culture stuff.