What Is He On? Conner Coffin’s Fred Rubble

Conner Coffin was just back from Indo with a quiver of high-rocker, good-wave boards that weren’t quite right for Southern California. Tired of swapping sleds from place to place, Conner wanted to find a good all-around board. So he called Channel Islands’ Travis Lee and told him what he was thinking. Something with low-entry rocker and more V in the tail. And so the Fred Rubble — named after The Flintstones’ Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone — was created over the phone in the quasi-mathematic English known as dimensions. Two days later Travis drove the Fred Rubble prototype down to slopey San Clemente. A couple small tweaks and a few boards later and Conner was riding the sled that would soon become the SIMA board of the year. Then Dane Reynolds ordered one and loved it. So did Kelly. So did everyone. And Conner’s not finished: “I’m going to pick up a new hand shape right now that’s a Fred Rubble with a twist. Even a bit more geared toward smaller waves.” It has been that kind of a summer. —Nate Zoller

Photo: Taras

Conner: I feel like Channel Islands makes the best boards for good waves because their rockers are insane. But I wanted something that would work in everything, where I wouldn’t have to bring 10 different boards for every different wave.

The Fred Rubble has more volume forward and a sweet spot under the front foot, which is what I like in most boards. With more foam under your front foot you get this really fast feeling when you drive, and it works really well for people who surf a little more heavy-footed.

The goal of the board was to create something that was easy to ride, kind of a mindless, “grab it and go out and have fun” board. And I think that’s what people enjoy about it. It’s a board you can take out to Huntington on a bad day and have fun or you can take it out to head-high Rincon and have a good time. It’s one of those special boards that is really versatile. It’s easy to ride and it makes you feel good about your surfing.

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