What Is He On? Kyuss King’s Project 15

Groms don't bother with the fine print. Concaves, sexual ethics, car insurance, fin placement, popular music festivals -- these are all insipid adulthood problems. And rather than dwell on these impeding bores like the rest of us, a grom simply knows what he likes and goes for it. And, if you're Kyuss King, you know that you like neon colors. You know that you like the volume of a 5'1" but you also know that any board over 5' is restrictive and clumsy. So you ride a 4'11" and you paint it to look like an ecstasy rave. And no matter what, not one little adult detail is going to get in the way of your preferences -- not even if Jay-Z is playing at Coachella this year.

Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

Interview by Chris Binns

KYUSS: I'm 4'9" tall and weigh 83 lbs, so this is my regular shortboard. It's a 4'11" Project 15, shaped by Darren Handley. I've ridden 4'11"s for about a year now, and was due to step up because I have grown a little bit, but then I got on the Project 15 and was like, "Oh my God, what is this?!" It's amazing and I've been riding it ever since. Because it's got a wider nose, you can go a little smaller and it will still work in all sorts of waves. I mean, it's a 4'11", but it paddles just like a 5'1".

I'm really into fluoro colors, especially green. Lately I've been getting a big green "KK" sprayed on my boards too, almost like my own signature model! If I've got a plain white board that goes unbelievably well, I'll wait until the wax goes bad, then strip it, spray it fluoro and it's good to go again. It's not hard for my dad to find me in the lineup, I look like a glowstick out there!

Things have come a long way since I got my first board when I was 2 years old. It was a soft-top barge, about 5 inches thick. It looked like a tugboat and I couldn't even imagine being able to turn it. But now I've got a 5'0" for suckier, bigger waves, and then I've got my gun, a 5'4", which I used in Hawaii last year out at Sunset.