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September: Kids are back in their classrooms. It should be a somber time of year for the youth, but at least one grom is pretty fired up about it.

Letter of the Week: Studying Hard

I honestly thought a new school year was the end of the world. Yes, summer was not the greatest this year but it was still summer. I threw my virginity in the trash on 4th of July, got two new boards in 2 months, and I got tubed in Mexico at a secret spot. It was a legit summer of love with plenty of baby dolls, and I thought it was definitely OVER last week when I came in to school with an XL frown.

But guess what? My Spanish teacher is an honest to god 10/10 (talking Adriana Lima 2 years ago style hotness), I get my sister's old car when she gets a new one next week, and I swear a bunch of the girls got hotter between now and last June. The summer of love is now the fall of love and soon it will be the winter of love...and also offshore shack attacks brother! And I'm going to Mrs. Robinson the shit out of my Spanish teacher by Christmas break. Believe that.

PS Please do not print my name or I will get in major trouble for writing this. Just say it's "Anonymous" or something like that. Thank you for your discretion in this matter.

--"Anonymous" (or something like that)

Thanks for your letter, Mitch Anderson of 122 39th Street in Newport Beach, CA. Your enthusiasm for the change of seasons is contagious, and given your clearly healthy libido, I hope that’s the only thing that’s contagious. Good luck with the Ben Braddock thing.


Anonymous, your back-to-school just got better thanks to the crew at Dakine. Coming your way is the Point backpack for toting those Spanish books and the Split Roller for when it’s time to study a broad. I mean, study abroad.


This week’s LOTW gets a new wardrobe from the steez fanatics at Fyasko Clothing. Letter readers are standing by. Unless the waves get better.