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Irvine CA, September 24, 2010 Kustom Footwear is proud to launch it's new website! Following the future into cyberspace, the site is fully interactive and features Athlete Profiles, Kustom Airstrike information, Monthly Giveaways, Landscape Altered, Evolution Series, Videos, Photos, and is iPhone and iPad compatible. The site is just another step in Kustom's goal of being a brand leader in the action sports/lifestyle market.

Kustom Footwear's Brand Manager, Pat Fraley, says "Kustom has a unique niche in the footwear market and having a unique website is a must have. The new site is clean, easy to use, and educational about the brand. My favorite part about the site is how interactive it is. With the new site, customers have the opportunity to interact and comment on everything we share. The Evolution Series is a new product we are getting ready to launch and the site comes at a perfect time to help promote this."

Kustom has had a lot to talk about as of late with the final crowning of the 2010 Kustom Airstrike winner Flynn Novak. Kustom's brand mantra of pushing the limits of all things its involved in can be seen in this event as well as the launch of the new site.

To see for your self, log on to: http://kustomfootwear-usa.com

About Kustom:

Kustom is a footwear brand that uses creativity, progression, uniqueness, comfort, and function to create a unique brand experience. We use only the most innovative materials available when building our products to insure our progression as a Brand.

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