Oakley ASP World Pro Junior to Hit Bali in October

Kai Barger

Kai Barger

Former ASP World Junior Champion Kai Barger (Haw) demolishes a pristine Keramas wave. The world-class break is expected to produce amazing waves for the inaugural Oakley ASP World Pro Junior, which starts on October 2nd, 2010.

Image credit: Russ Hennings / Oakley


Oakley ASP World Pro Junior to Hit Bali in October, Signals Start of ASP World Junior Tour

PROFESSIONAL surfing action will return to the idyllic wave magnet of Bali, Indonesia next month for the inaugural Oakley ASP World Pro Junior.
It will be the first stop on the 2010 ASP World Junior Tour (WJT), running at the high-performance wave of Keramas from October 2-13 and offering a prize pool of US $95,000.
The inaugural WJT event will see six representatives from ASP Australasia, ASP South America, ASP North America and ASP Europe, five representatives from ASP Africa, ASP Hawaii and ASP Japan, and additional wildcards to make up the 48-man men's junior field.
The prestigious event will also feature an 18-woman field, which will eventually crown the undisputed ASP Women's World Junior Champion.
As a major plus for the Bali-based event, former World Tour competitor and newly appointed Oakley South Pacific representative Beau Emerton has been given the reigns as contest director. He'll be assisted by Indonesian pro surfer Tipi Jabrik in the role.
Emerton is thrilled to be involved with the fast approaching event.
"I am extremely excited to be the Contest Director of the Oakley World Pro Junior - the first ever," he said.
"This is my first gig as Contest Director but hope to bring my years of experience within surfing competitions along with a great team to the event."
The ex-pro added it was cool to be contest directing an event in Bali some 20 years since he first visited the much loved surfing destination.
"I have been coming here since 1988 when I competed in the World Junior Scholastic titles - it feels like yesterday," he said.
"It's such a great feeling to be able to put back into and be a part of a sport that has given me so much. The people of Bali, the culture, the surfing and the kids will make an awesome event. Oakley has stepped it up another notch and I can't wait to get over there for the start of the event on October 2nd."
Similar to years past, athletes will compete on their respective regional ASP Pro Junior Series throughout the season to qualify for the ASP World Junior Tour. Qualification for the ASP WJT will be based on regional results from January 1 through August 31, 2010.
Up to now, ASP Australasia, ASP North America, ASP Europe, ASP Japan, ASP South Africa and ASP Hawaii have released their qualifying athletes for the Oakley ASP World Pro Junior. ASP South America will release their qualifiers by the 16th September.

ASP Australasia Team
STAR   Davey Cathels
STAR   Dean Bowen
1        Mitch Crews
2        Ty Watson
3        Jack Freestone
4        Chris Salisbury
1        Airini Mason
2        Felicity Palmateer

ASP North America Team
STAR   Young,Nat
STAR   Andino,Kolohoe
1        Geiselman,Evan
2        Doheny,Andrew
3        Davis,Luke
4        Thompson,Evan
1        Conlogue,Courtney
2        Peterson,Lakey

ASP Europe Team
1        Martin,Charles (GLP)
2        Jervis,Filipe (PRT)
3        Boukhiam,Ramzi (MAR)
4        Cloarec,Tom (FRA)
1        Ado,Pauline (FRA)
2        Arnaud,Alizee (FRA)

ASP Africa Team
STAR    Joubert,Shaun
STAR    Gibbens,Brendon
1         Du Toit,Chad
2         Staples,Dale
3         De Vries,Beyrick
1         Buitendag,Bianca
2         Rautenbach,Chantelle

ASP Hawaii Team
STAR   Larsen,Granger
STAR   Florence,John John
1        Asing,Keanu
2        Newton,Tyler
3        Layer,Albee
1        Hurst,Leila
2        Manual,Malia

ASP Japan Team
STAR   Kaito Ohashi
STAR   Kento Takahashi
1        Hiroto Arai
2        Arashi Kato
3        Takumi Nakamura
1        Nao Ohmura
2        Minato Takahashi
ASP South America Team
More information can be found on www.aspworldtour.com <http://media.surfingaustralia.com/url/?l=1s1X1h1c0z1m0j0t0x1r1X1h1c0z0s0m0q0x1g1s1s1o0w0l0l1v1v1v0k1Z1r1o1v1n1q1k1c1s1n1t1q0k1b1n1l0l> and www.oakleyprojunior.com <http://media.surfingaustralia.com/url/?l=1s1X1h1c0z1m0j0t0x1r1X1h1c0z0s0m0q0x1g1s1s1o0w0l0l1v1v1v0k1n1Z1j1k1d1x1o1q1n1i1t1m1h1n1q0k1b1n1l0l>
Oakley ASP World Pro Junior, Bali/Indonesia - October 2 - 13, 2010
Billabong ASP World Junior Championships, Australia - January 8 - 16, 2011
2009: Maxime Huscenot (REU), Laura Enever (AUS)
2008: Kai Barger (HAW), Pauline Ado (FRA)
2007: Pablo Paulino (BRA), Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS)
2006: Jordy Smith (ZAF), Nicola Atherton (AUS)
2005: Kekoa Bacalso (HAW), Jessi Miley-Dyer (AUS)
2004: Pablo Paulino (BRA)
2003: Adriano de Souza (BRA)
2002: N/A
2001: Joel Parkinson (AUS)
2000: Pedro Henrique (BRA)
1999: Joel Parkinson (AUS)
1998: Andy Irons (HAW)

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