Dragon Hires Sean Taylor As Surf Marketing Manager


Carlsbad, Calif.  April 13, 2010 – Dragon would like to welcome Sean Taylor to the team as he takes over the position of Surf Marketing Manager. Sean comes from a background as a professional surfer and has been part of the action sports industry for years.  He brings with him great experience in sales and marketing, having worked for Arbor snowboards and skateboards along with Ray Ban, Arnette, Revo and Fox eyewear.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to contribute to the success of Dragon in the action sports arena,” says Sean. “I look forward to helping take Dragon to the next level by leveraging their star-studded surf roster and developing marketing ideas that will drive sales at retail.  I think there is a lot of potential for me to grow in my career here at Dragon as the brand has such a great legacy in the surf market. Plus, it’s just going to be fun as shit.”

Sean will be responsible for managing the team and coordinating all the marketing elements around the surf program. This includes finding new talent for the surf team and building Dragon’s next generation of surfers.  He will also be working on retail relations with Dragon’s key accounts and will be putting together programs for sales efforts.

“Sean is a perfect fit for Dragon as he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the brand,” explains Rick Irons, Global Brand Manager at Dragon.  “He has a great mixture of sales, marketing, and surf experience that is super valuable in this day and age.  Plus, his background gives him credibility in this market which is why we knew Sean was the right person for the mission.”

Sean’s contact info is (760) 931-4900 headquarters or email sean.taylor@dragonalliance.com.