Keala Kennelly Signs with Dragon

Dragon is proud to welcome aboard Keala Kennelly. Keala joins an all-star squad including top female athlete Chelsea Hedges, along with Mick Fanning, Rob Machado, and elite big-wave chargers Shane Dorian and Reef Macintosh.

"I am so pumped to be joining the Dragon Alliance team," says Keala. "Their eyewear is so fresh. I actually have a hard time deciding which pair to wear everyday, because they are all so HOT!"

Keala's style and spark embody the image of the brand. Credited as the first female to charge Teahupoo, Keala is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and fearless women in surfing. But more than just a big-wave phenomenon who happens to charge 10-foot Teahupoo, this former World Tour surfer has a long list of accolades that includes everything from DJing to acting in mainstream TV shows and Hollywood flicks.

"We are stoked to work with someone as creative and unique as Keala. Over the course of her career, she has pushed the limits of women's surfing and is still at the forefront of big-wave surfing. I look forward to seeing what is next," says Rick Irons, Global Brand Manager.

Keala has been nominated for the Billabong XXL "Girls Best Overall Performance" award. To see Keala's tow-in action at Jaws go to . The awards go down this Friday April 23, at 7pm. Check back then to see the results.