It is clear when looking at Magi's work that she has an eye for the lighting, color and composition of a photograph, but it is her passion for capturing the essence and energy behind her subjects that makes her stand out.

Let us take you through the lens of… Magi Kernan.

Picture the classic story of Mom and Pop giving their daughter a camera for Christmas at the young age of 13. Little did they know that this chunk of technology would spark their daughter's exploration of her hometown in Ocean City, New Jersey and would progress into a lifelong creative pursuit of photography.

Her first memories of this journey go back to riding her bike around town stopping to take pictures of whatever caught her eye. As her skill set and creative desires grew, so did the following of those admiring her work, leading to launch her own wedding photography business taking her all around the world.

Living in Africa, Italy and traveling throughout Europe, South America, India and Asia has contributed to the direction of her career as a photographer, ultimately leading her to become hooked by the magnetic vibrancy of a sea-inspired lifestyle.

Magi claims it is the unpredictable elements of the sea that provide her with unique challenges that fuel her adventures, paving her way into the realm of professional surfing. The ocean allows her to connect with her subjects in a completely unique way that no other environment does, giving her purpose to what she does. It doesn't hurt that her subjects are not only some of the best female surfers in world, but also happen to be drop dead gorgeous.

If being a stellar photographer wasn't enough to impress you, Magi's pursuit of law with an emphasis in international human rights issues at Rutgers University, just might do it. She hopes to combine her passion for photography, justice and travel into a beautifully symbiotic career one day and strongly believes that when pursuing your dreams, anything is possible.

Well… we feel properly inspired. How about you?

Thank you Magi for sharing your work with us. Give her a follow at @magsymoo and check our photo gallery for more images of Magi's trip to Cabo San Lucas with Nikki Van Dijk, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Alana Blanchard, Tia Blanco, Maddie Peterson, Ellie Jean Coffey, Bailey Nagy and recent US Open Champion Tati West.