Wanna Watch A Bunch Of People Scream And Run Away From A Docile Shark?

This is just stellar.

Probably the most non-threatening shark in the history of sea life wreaking absolute havoc on the good people of Hollywood Beach, Florida. It has all the characters you need for a successful shark encounter. You’ve got the lady asking if it’s a dolphin. The guy in white shirt wearing croakies, probably spouting out random shark facts he learned watching Jeopardy. Hammerhead sharks' heads are soft at birth so they won't jam the mothers' birth canals! A handful of old, very tan men in various hats who are simply too old to give a shit about anything at all anymore. Meanwhile, the shark has the vibe of a guy taking out the ’68 Chevy on a little Sunday cruise — Mark Healey probably would’ve tried to become roommates with the thing. Honestly, all of it is perfect.