We all knew from a very young age that JJF was going to be great, but amazing surfing doesn’t always translate to amazing results – and Mr. Florence can attest for this first hand.

Welcome to John’s new series with Hurley by Parallel Sea productions called “Twelve” – a seven part roll-out of, you guessed it, twelve-minute pieces all giving personal insight into the ups and downs of his chase for that first world title. In this first installment, we begin on John’s home of Oahu for his triumphant win at The Eddie, and then progress through the rest of the CT events starting at Snapper.

It’s rare that we hear more than just a few sentences from John on his own endeavors, so this slightly deeper reveal of the emotions that coincide with Florence’s sporadic competitive greatness is refreshing to see and hear. Tune in above for the very well put together, doco-style episode and enjoy all that wonderfully complex substance that lies behind the surfing we all know and love.