We love that surfing is comprised of multiple ideologies.

There are the small board die-hards — guys that will ride their 6’0 in anything south of triple OH. There are the full-quiver logicians — guys that have a board for every possible condition, and will explain to you why this particular rocker suits the 9 AM onshores. Lastly there are the old fellas — guys who will ride a 7’6 at a 3-foot point break because f–k it, they’re old.

Then you have Tyler Morris.

Tyler is a very good surfer, as evidenced by his smooth style, seamless lines, and some downright trickery performed on his shortboard halfway through the clip. That said, Tyler ain’t afraid to step it up when the waves gain a little height and girth. Just eye-balling it, Tyler’s big, yellow banana looks to be roughly 7-feet in length, which some might consider excessive for waves in the head-and-a-half range. But damn, you can’t really argue with the results, can you?

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