Thursday August 5th, Sunny Garcia, Ian Cairns, Dewey Weber, Dave Rochlen, Candy Calhoun, Rick "Rockin’ Fig" Fignetti and Honor Roll for Dick Baker to be inducted into the 17th edition of the Surfing Walk of Fame.

The new 2010 inductees Ian Cairns, Rick "Rockin Fig" Fignetti, Sunny Garcia, Dewey Weber, Dave Rochlen, Candy Calhoun and Honor Roll recognition for the late Dick Baker will join over 100 previous Surfing Walk of Fame inductees in recognition of their achievements at the Induction Day Ceremony.

This event is free to the public slated for Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 10:00am at:
Jack’s Surfboards, PCH and Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Surf Pioneer: David "Dewey" Weber
Flashy, bleach-blond surfer and board manufacturer of the late ’50’s and ’60’s, Dewey founded surf industry powerhouse Dewey Weber Surfboards, opening his first store in Venice in 1960.
Early in his surfing life, Weber became friends with surfboard-maker Dale Velzy and it was the new wide-backed Velzy "pig" design, developed in the mid-’50’s that Weber adapted to his boards that developed his prototypical hot-dog style. He was often referred to as "the Little Man on Wheels" for his hot-dogging style, especially at Malibu with his trademark red board and trunks.
Best remembered for his small-wave performances, Weber also rode well in the bigger Hawaiian surf.
Weber was featured in nearly every surf movie of the late ’50’s and early ’60’s, including Slippery When Wet (1958), Cat on a Hot Foam Board(1959) and Walk on the Wet Side (1963).
He was a force as a competitive surfer as well, placing second in the 1964 United States Surfing Championships, earned a slot in the 1965 Duke Kahanamoku invitational, made the finals of the 1965 and 1967 Malibu Invitational, and won the seniors division of the 1969 U.S. Championships.
Dewey passed away at the age of 54 in 1993, but the Weber family has continued the Dewey Weber Surfboards tradition now located in San Clemente, California.

Surfing Champions: Sunny Garcia
Born on the Westside of Oahu in 1970, Sunny was raised in Waianae and is a all-time winner of the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing and was the 2000 ASP World Champion.
He began surfing at age seven, won the boys’ division of the 1984 United States Surfing Championships, then dropped out of school in the ninth grade to turn pro.
Two years later, at age 17, he was the 17th ranked surfer in the world, and already regarded as one of the sport’s great power surfers, later to be recognized as an elegant tube-rider at places like Backdoor Pipeline in Hawaii, one of the surfbreak sites of his many Vans Triple Crown victories.
Outside of surfing Sunny achieved stardom by starring in the WB’s "North Shore", but becoming the 2000 ASP WCT World Champion was his greatest achievement, he also competively Garcia holds the record for most WQS event wins at twenty-two to go with his six Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing championships.
Sunny was the second professional surfer to win over $1 million in prize money.

Surfing Champions: Ian Cairns
Commanding champion power surfer of the Seventies, Ian dominated Hawaii’s North Shore at that time and later he became a prominent surf contest organizer/promoter and coach, originally from Perth, Western Australia.
Ian was the founder of the Association of Surfing Professionals in 1983 and world-ranked #2 in 1976 the first year of surfing’s pro tour.
Cairns has won six Western Australia state titles (1967 – 1972), won the 1973 Smirnoff Pro at Lanieakea and in 1975 won the Duke Kahanamoku Hawaiian Surfing Classic held in 25-foot surf at Waimea Bay and also the World Cups at Haleiwa in 1976 and 1980.
In 1975 Cairns co-founded the Australian Professional Surfing Association (APSA) which consolidated the nascent Australian pro events into a domestic circuit and the following year 1976, he won that APSA Australia tour and finished runner-up to fellow Aussie Peter "PT" Townend in the inaugural International Professional Surfers (IPS) World Championship.
In that same year 1976, Cairns and Townend were two founders of the Bronzed Aussies, a professional surfing team that also included Mark Warren, Cheyne Horan, Jim Banks and Steve Jones which won the Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge in Huntington Beach twice in 1978 and 1979.
Ian has reputation as an articulate and passionate supporter of all aspects of competitive surfing having been Executive Director of NSSA in the Eighties and re-launched big-time competitive surfing in the US with the running of the first OP Pro in Huntington Beach in 1982.
He is currently coaching the Pac-Sun USA Surf Team whilst raising twin boys with his second wife Alisa in Laguna Beach, California.

Local Hero: Rick "Rockin Fig" Fignetti
The name itself fits the man’s personality Rick "Rockin’ Fig Fignetti and he is synonymous with Huntington Beach.
A ten-time West Coast Surfing Champion, and member of the first NSSA National Team in 1978, "Rockin Fig" has been and still is the voice of surf announcing for local and legendary surf events including the US Pro Tour, OP Pro, the US Open of Surfing for 16 years and the NSSA Nationals for the past 20 years receiving a lifetime NSSA membership award for his contribution.
Fig has been the KROQ FM "Surfologist" for the last 26 years doing morning surf reports and for 20 years owned a surf shop on Main Street in HB, a local institution called Rockin’ Fig Surf and in the "Old School" tradition there are lot’s of surfboards on the floor which he’ll talk to you about all day long.
Fig is credited over 20 years of surf journalism with his columns in the HB Independent "Wet n Wild" and L.A. Times "O.C. Live" and you can catch him most everyday out riding waves at the HB Pier.
Surf Culture: Dave Rochlen
The entrepreneurial surfer, Rochlen was born and raised in Santa Monica, and began surfing at age 15.
After serving in the Marine Corps, he returned to Santa Monica in 1946 where he surfed, worked as a lifeguard, and was building a line of surfboards and helped develop the popular Malibu chip board in the late ’40’s and early ’50’s.
The boards soon became popular among Malibu Colony movie celebrities, Dave even apparently dated Norma Jean Baker who of course went onto fame as Marilyn Monroe.
Rochlen was the epitome of a waterman of that time.
Dave moved to Hawaii, married a Hawaiian wahine and in the Sixties founded Surfline Hawaii and soon after launched Jams Beachwear which became hugely popular as the surf craze hit in the Sixties, even being featured in Life magazine.
The Jams brand continues to this day with his son Pua at the helm.

Woman of the Year: Candy Calhoun
Candy, her sister Robin and mother Marge were celebrated as the feminine surfing ideal, the Calhoun’s were a first family of surfing,
Candy, beautiful and athletic with sun-streaked hair in 1962 finished fourth in the Makaha contest, then the next year went on to win the 1963 Women’s West Coast Surfing Championships.
in 1965 Candy as a member of the USA Surfing Team placed third in the ISA World Championships in Peru.
She was an avid body-surfer and became the first woman to body-surf both the Newport Wedge and Pipeline and as Walk of Famer Mike Doyle said" Candy was like a seal, she liked the water more than the land, she rode surfboards, but she liked to more in touch with the water".
Today Candy lives on the Central Coast of California and joins her mother Marge on the Surfing Walk of Fame, the first family to have two members inducted.

Honor Roll: Dick Baker
Dick grew up in California and entered the apparel industry as a college student and became a buyer at a men’s specialty store to pay for school.
Baker moved his way into the branded side of the apparel business and in 1983 became the president and chief executive of Izod Ltd.’s menswear division.
He then became president of Esprit Sport in 1986 before later moving on to become the head of Tommy Hilfiger’s women’s clothing division.
Baker then returned to his California roots and became the chief executive of Ocean Pacific following and was able to successfully revive the flagging label.
In the late Nineties Baker joined the Board of Directors of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA), based in Aliso Viejo, California, while he was the chief executive of Ocean Pacific.
In 2000 he assumed the Presidency from Peter "PT" Townend and served as the head of SIMA for the next decade before becoming the chairman emeritus of the organization.
The Los Angeles Times noted that as head of SIMA, Baker directed the business of “selling surf to the suits” in the larger business community.
He was also instrumental in Surfing America gaining National Governing Body(NGB) status from the ISA which returned US surfing to international credibility.
Dick passed away in 2009 after a long battle with cancer and is survived by his wife Una and boys Ryan and Jack.

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