Brazil’s ballsy big-wave beast Carlos Burle broke his hipbone in early January while training for the upcoming 2003 Tow-In World Cup at Jaws. “It was horrible,” said Burle, who was pitched over the lip of a gaping 18-footer. “I heard this thud and I only stopped freaking out seconds later when I realized I could still feel my legs. But I knew something serious had just happened.” This is the second time Burle’s been seriously hurt in Hawaii. In 1999, the surfer fractured his vertebrae after smashing into the reef at Backdoor. Burle will be forced to stay out of the water at least until March. The Brazilian, who’s currently recovering in his Oahu rented home, will miss this year’s edition of the Tow-In World Cup, whose waiting period is already under way. “It’s really sad for us,”said Burle, who caught 2001’s biggest wave (a 68-foot monster at Maverick’s). “Eraldo [Gueiros] and I had been training all year and we were ready to go. I hope he finds a good partner to replace me.” And he has. Gueiros, with whom Burle managed a third-place finish in 2002, will be charging Jaws alongside Brazil’s big-wave dude Sylvio Mancusi.