On New Year’s Eve, after a month of feeling out of whack, Surfing’s esteemed photo editor, Larry “Flame” Moore, checked in to the hospital and received some disturbing news: he had a brain tumor. Within 24 hours, Flame underwent surgery and had the 6.5-cm mass (think baseball-size) cleanly removed from the right side of his head. It should be of no surprise to anyone that he was back shooting Salt Creek for the swell of the year less than two days later. And less than a week after his surgery, he was back in his editor’s chair, barking at his team of photogs and ensuring the thousands of concerned well-wishers, “Hey, this was just a minor speed bump. I’ll be just fine.” “Hands down, the fastest post-op recovery I’ve ever seen,” his surgeon, Dr. Moussoudi said. But as our 30-year photo czar knows, high-grade astrocytomas don’t just disappear with the slice of a scalpel. Over the next few months, he’ll receive a high-tech form of radiation — known as the “cyber knife” — and chemotherapy. While he knows the road ahead won’t be easy, Flame is more than ready for the challenge. “Bring it on!” he said. Surfing’s thoughts and prayers are with our beloved chief. We’ll be doing everything in our power to help him squash this thing like a poaching photog. — The Surfing Staff [Flame welcomes all words of encouragement. Email him at larry.moore@primedia.com].