“A flotilla of turds.”
“An earthquake?”
“A big set of fake boobs!”

Pity the poor people in California’s state capital. For the past several months, they’ve been filtering through a deluge of suggestions for what should decorate the back of their state quarter — a decision that will brand the Golden State’s silver identity for the next century — bringing the choices down to a final twenty for the public to vote on.

When you start mulling over California’s contributions to America, it’s hard not to think of the pop culture or pollution that pours from its shores, especially considering the quarter’s function in obnoxious, instantly gratifying conveniences such as vending machines. And, needless to say, the silver screen is well represented. But rather than a profile of Schwarzenegger’s mug or Pam Anderson’s D-Cups, the coin’s prospective images are basically benign bits of celluloid and a couple Hollywood signs. Meanwhile, the remaining options are mostly classy and historic, including redwoods and landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

And then there’s the one that really “peaked” our surfing interests — a rather simple picture of waves dancing beneath a bright sun. Sure it’s not a Maverick’s bomb or lined-up Lowers, but it’s surf. And between that and the current leaders — including a rather disturbing image of a grungy panhandler and a giant bear — we think we know which image really strikes gold.

So, this is your chance California surfers. Click here and vote, and by the end of the year you can be the only state in the union to feed a parking meter with waves before you go grab a few. Matt Walker