We were beginning to wonder. Just a few episodes into the hit show, “The OC”, we watched babbling, bumbling, nerd Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) suddenly transform into a . . .stud. He was witty. He had a Joel Tudor-style cutback on his skateboard. And, best of all, two of the show’s hottest females, Summer and Anna, prepared to catfight-to-the-death for him. Now, under any other circumstances, this metamorphosis would have been tough to swallow — even for a TV drama that’s been called the next “Beverly Hills 90210.” But when we learned that Brody is a good surfer — even rips, according to our sources — it all made sense. The dude’s so cool, they just had to rewrite the script for him. “It’s one of my favorite things about the show,” says Brody, who grew up surfing La Jolla Shores. “They started out with a few people portrayed one way, then turned it upside down. It threw everyone for a loop.”Sort of like Brody’s path to the small screen. A Scripps Ranch kid who spent his days at the beach, Brody landed a job at Blockbuster Video after high school and started watching movies. A lot of movies. Before he knew it, he put in his two-weeks’ notice and moved to LA with a list of auditions on his schedule. Now, five years later, he’s had a few small parts in well-known movies (The Ring, American Pie 2) and is now the sentimental favorite in a show that has all the teenie-boppers raving. The OC’s made a big deal of Seth’s dad’s (Sandy) funboarding dawn patrols, but has yet to show Brody in his true element. “If I start talking about surfing on the show,” he says, “then I’ll make sure it’s legit. But now, it’s like, ‘You guys go ahead and talk about your 6-footers or whatever.’ I’ll just keep surfing every time I get the chance.”[Check the full interview with Adam Brody in the May ’04 issue of SURFING Magazine.]