The obnoxious faces. The stupid jokes. The goofy songs. Everybody’s got a surf buddy who thinks he’s the funniest thing to hit liquid since Lenny Bruce died in a pool of his own vomit. Well, tell laughing boy to pipe down because there’s a new Kahuna of Comedy: Adam Sandler. That’s right, the SNL alumnus behind such super-hilarious flicks as Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer and, uh . . .and, uh . . . we’ll have to get back to you on that one. The point is: he surfs. And when it came time to hit Honolulu to premiere his latest movie, 50 First Dates, Sandler invited a crew of Quiksilver riders to come for a session where, according Reef McIntosh, he turned the lineup into pure stand-up.

SURFING MAGAZINE: So how did this all come about. Was it like a publicity thing with cameras and or did you guys just sneak over? REEF MCINTOSH: No, there were no cameras, he just wanted to surf with us. We went to his movie premiere the night before and he was sitting right behind me and Pete Mel. I didn’t even know. He put his hands on each of our shoulders and was like, “Alright. The pressure’s on me tonight, boys.” I didn’t turn around to see who it was or anything; I just thought it was some dude. And after the movie we had to talk to some camera about the movie and I was like, “F–k, he wasn’t even there!” And Pete was like, “He was the guy right behind us.” And I was like, “F–k!” Cause I wanted to take a picture with the guy. But then I found out we were gonna go surfing with him the next morning.

Where’d you guys go surfing? Just in town at Old Man’s. We were riding longboards. And Hans Hedemann was taking him surfing every day so he was out, and Johnny Boy, and Pete and Mark Healey. And Adam had his whole crew with him.

So Johnny Boy and Adam Sandler were hanging out? That must’ve been classic. Yeah, he was being pretty funny. He’s like, “How’s Johnny boy!? Big, yeah!?” And I’m like , “Yeah he’s huge.” We were all crackin’ jokes. He was like, “Reef, you’re officially a better surfer than me now. I’ll give you my belt.” And then he invited us back and we had lunch and watched football, cracked a couple of cocktails. It was funny. Rob Schnieder was there and Drew Barrymore.

So was he like a constant smart-ass or anything? Not constant, but yeah. He was getting pretty revved-up on the football game.

What was the funniest moment? I don’t know. [laughs] all of it. Just hanging with the guy you wanna start laughing.

So is he like a full surfer? I think he likes to surf a lot. He can turn. I’m sure if he did it more he’d get better. Whenever he gets a chance — he lives in {{{Malibu}}} — he says he tries to get in the water. I told him I had friends in Malibu and he was like, “Give me a call when you’re in the neighborhood and I’ll take you golfing.” I just sent him an email the other day, actually.

You guys talking about a surfing Happy Gilmore or something? Yeah, that would be cool.

Pitch it to him. I should — hmmm, I wonder if he saw the MTV show I just did? — but he loves surfing. Loves it. He doesn’t care where he’s surfing or how big the waves were as long as he’s standing up. I bet getting him on a surf trip would be cool.

It would probably be one of the most fun surf trips of all time. Even if it went flat . . You’d still be having fun. I should pitch that one to him. Matt Walker