Riding the groundswell of success, Surfers Healing takes off to reach as many kids as possible. “We want to take this around the world,” says Israel Paskowitz who with his wife Danielle started Surfers Healing a few years ago.Israel started surfing with his autistic son, Isaiah, when Isaiah was very young. Hitting the beach together was therapeutic for them both. For Isaiah, the water, the rhythm and the waves calmed him and soothed his sensory overload. For Israel, the time in the water with his son soothed his grief. The sessions pushed Israel into action and soon he and Isaiah were sharing their therapy with a few other autistic children. Those days swelled into Surfers Healing. Israel explains, “When I see how much surfing means to the kids and their families, I’m blown away. That’s when I realize that without Isaiah, Surfers Healing would never have happened. Thank you, Isaiah!”Isaiah can be thanked for a lot. 2003 turned out to be a big year for Surfers Healing. They added more events in California, surfed a demonstration heat right before the finals of the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles and had their first event outside California at Rockaway Beach, New York.Next stop, the birthplace of surfing!On January 23, the Surfers Healing Waikiki Beach Party sponsored by the Outrigger Hotels, Duke’s Canoe Club and the Rainbow Drive-in rolled onto the beach. “I was blown away by the way the Hawaiians showed up to take care of their own. Major props to all the Waikiki beach boys who gave their time to the kids,” thanks Israel. With a hundred and twenty five autistic children ready to surf, the support from the local surfers was much needed and much appreciated. {{{Rabbit}}} Kekai, Bonga Perkins, Makua and Eddie Rothman, Kala Alexander, Myles Padaca, Zane Aikau, Tony Moniz and a gang of others gave their time and energy so that the surf stars of the day, the kids, could feel the power and grace of surfing. In the Islands, Surfers Healing made autistic kids happy, parents proud, raised the awareness of autism and charged another successful ride! — Carey Corr