Just over two weeks ago, we feared the worst.

After Surfing’s Photo Editor, Larry “Flame” Moore, initially was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early January, he seemed unfazed by the ensuing treatment. Every day, he’d leave for his 1 p.m. appointment with the “Cyberknife” and return, an hour later, as if he’d just had a stint in the gym. Couple that with his daily dose of chemotherapy, and we sat back in awe as “Super Flame” powered ahead at the light table.

On Feb. 11, though, the toxic treatments finally caught up to him. Complaining of severe fatigue, he was admitted to the hospital and treated for swelling of the brain. He was in the ICU for more than a week, fighting dangerously high fevers and other complications. As the situation failed to improve, we worried that the high-grade astrocytoma was bulletproof.

Fortunately, Flame’s neurologist, Dr. Moussoudi was correct in his diagnosis: Mr. Moore had a severe reaction to the aggressive radiation/chemo treatment. Flame’s fever gradually subsided, his fire slowly cranked up on high again and he’s now casing the nurses at Saddleback Memorial to set him free. “They’re finally listening to me,” says Flame, who’s calling the editors daily about photo selections and surf trips in the works. “They should release me by the weekend.”

Due to his bad reaction to the radiation, it’s unlikely he’ll spend any more hours under the gamma rays in the near future. Which is just fine with Flame. As he says, “A good day in the hospital is still much worse than a bad day at Creek.” — Team Surfingthemag

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