Flashing lights. A parade of limousines. Red carpet. Had the Oscars died and gone to Coolangatta? For local surf fans, they may as well have.

Two nights ago, at the Twin Towns complex in downtown Coolie, Globe presented its world premiere of the long-awaited Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere film. And with surfing as big as Britney in this small coastal down, it seemed like everyone including the mayor showed up to see stars Taj Burrow, Damien and {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, Nathan Webster and Luke Hitchings in person and on the big screen. “We’ve been doing radio and TV commercials here for the past month,” said producer Brian Robbins. “We knew we’d have a big turnout on our hands.”

Before the film, this “big turnout” packed around the red carpet entrance, screaming and clicking off photos as first CJ, then Damien and finally the biggest star, Taj Burrow stepped out with his entourage. “This is kind of funny, eh?” said Taj of the celebrity treatment.

Not only did Robbins and crew make sure their riders got noticed in person, they more than backed it up on screen: SAE is full of incredible surfing. Damien Hobgood was the surprise standout with a string of blown-apart lefts in West Oz and some state-of-the-art snaps on the North Shore. Occy and Pancho were the power source for the film, displacing more water than an army of supertankers. And, of course, they saved the best for last with another three-minute Taj Burrow segment that confirms his rep as the world’s best freesurfer.

SAE isn’t all just surf porn. They also went to great lengths to bring out the personalities of their riders, with revealing (and sometimes hilarious) “at home” profiles with Sullivan and Occy. There was also a good ping-pong doubles match between the Hobgoods, Taj and Hitchings (plus their surprise ace). And the “Spy Show” opening was tight, funny and sucked you in.

Just another good surf film? Perhaps. But to 2000 screaming fans on a windy night in Coolangatta, Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere looked like a “Best Picture” winner — in any genre. — Evan Slater

[SAE will be premiering in the States in the April. Check Globe’s website for dates.]