SURF: Chest high and soft
NATURE’S CALL: Sand is gold here, so give me some
PREDICTED: Going mobile?It’s gone! That’s been the word lately regarding the world-famous Superbank. While last week’s huge northeast swell left a lot of warm memories at Kirra, it also left some glaring holes in the sandbar stretching from Snapper on past Greenmount. The result, as the long-faced competitors found is a semi-fat, semi-ordinary peak just north of Snapper plus a few more distinct, surfable sections down the line. Granted, the swell’s been smallish and short-interval, but the surfers all know the heats with 15-second tube could very well be over this year.Good thing they have back-up plans. If the Superbank fails to fire in the next couple of days, word has it the event could move down to Burleigh Heads, which currently has one of its best setups in years. Up there, the less sand the better. And Burleigh showing a whole lot of rock these days.But enough about the bottoms. Because as we all know, these guys are prepared to rip wherever they surf. No one’s crying too hard over the Superbank’s current state. Instead, guys like Andy Irons and Cory Lopez are hitting up the local arcades and batting cages and surfing South Straddie. Kelly, on the other hand, has been working on his golf game (as usual) and sneaking in a few surfs at Currumbin.Two nights ago, at least a dozen of the top pros attended Munga Barry’s Godfathers of the Ocean {{{Celebrity}}} Auction. Now in its sixth year, the Auction had its best year yet, raising $10,{{{600}}} for Surf Aid International and other local charities. Munga’s Godfathers of the Ocean Surf School has a program where they take underprivileged kids for a day of surfing, and it’s the WCT surfers’ generous donations that help make it possible. “It just gets better every year,” said Munga — the Gold Coast’s favorite son. “The more we get, the more we can give to those who need it.”

Aussie boxer Jeff Fenech’s gloves went for $2100, while the ‘CT guys waited to see whose board would fetch the highest bid. Bruce’s Mayhem went for $750, Jake Paterson’s DHD for $950 and Richie Lovett’s LSD for $1050. But was Occy’s stickered-up Dahlberg that raised the highest stakes, sold at $1350. As Paterson said, “Occy’s boards always bring in the most cash.”Another lay day; another day of preparation. Who’s going to stay focused? As always, it’s the guys who put in the most water time. Stay tuned: we’ll let you know who does. — Evan Slater