Watch out ASP newbies – two of surfing’s most stalwart and feared competitors are on the mend. Shane Beschen and Sunny Garcia are recuperating from ongoing knee injuries but both are planning to be back in action at Bells in April.

Beschen, who slogged it out on the WQS to regain his CT seed, hurt his knee during a recent free-surf session at macking Kirra. “The waves were going mental,” Beschen {{{recalls}}}. “This mutant beast with no back clipped me and sent me to the bottom.”

The wipeout ruptured his MCL ligament, re-aggravating a previous injury. Beschen flew to California for medical treatment and was told that his knee would not require surgery. “I hope to be back for Bells, but if I can’t I’ll definitely be at Teahupoo for sure,” he says.

Garcia’s knee problems, which sidelined the former world champ for the entire 2003 season, kept him out of the water for the Quiksilver Pro as well. Garcia is currently in Costa Rica and could not be reached for comment, but ASP Media Manager, Jesse Faen said that Garcia has confirmed his entry for Bells.

If Garcia and Beschen decide they’re not physically ready for Bells then Troy Brooks and Luke Hitchings will again take their spots. According to Faen, if either Garcia or Beschen were to miss multiple events they would not lose their spots on tour, but their seeding positions would decrease. – Jamie Tierney